Daftar Passing Grade PTN SNMPTN

SNMPTN or National Selection 2012 State University will begin immediately. The Prospective Students begin preparing for this exam SNMPTN 2012. Start of Private Tutoring up to get in on their favorite university. Competition for college admission in Indonesia is very strict at all visible from Pasing grade in any college in Indonesia.

Passing grade is a standard (grade) of a simple calculation of the test results that indicate SNMPTN about the participants entered is not in ranked order acceptance quota is chosen majors. Passing grade is derived from the university or state university, but it usually comes from tutoring institute. So absolutely no such data and passing grade for 2012 are data taken from the year 2011. In conclusion, it could be competition for years now easier or more difficult.

Passing grade is generally not able to definitively set its own passing grade for the arose from the values ​​of the competitors are fighting majors and always fluctuates every year. However, in another context was passing grade, can be predicted by looking at capacity and quotas received and the level of stringency of competition the previous year.

Daftar Passing Grade PTN SNMPTN 2012 Terbaru


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