Download Formulir NUPTK Terbaru

NUPTK kind. NUPTK (Distinctive Amount Teachers and Training Staff) is usually a nationwide i . d . range for the whole TOD (Instructors as well as Schooling Staff members). NUPTK is made up of 04 quantities is proscribed simply because NUPTK owned some sort of TOD is not going to alter regardless of whether they have got transformed to show or perhaps alterations in the data sign.

Rewards for teachers planning on NUPTK are usually:

Just one.Berpartisipasi in the process Or national files series device that will help government entities in setting up various well being programs regarding teachers.
A couple of.Mendapatkan established detection range as well as the official personality and also countrywide character in the pursuing packages activities sorted with the central authorities / daerah.NUPTK
Specifications Obtaining NUPTK

Download Formulir NUPTK Terbaru


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